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Once in a while the staff at Core Coding® comes along to a website worth mentioning. Below is a list of websites that we have found very useful.
web site description posted
UniFi Controller on Raspberry Pi How to install a UniFi WiFi controller on a Raspberry Pi 03.20.17
Optimize WiFi Why You Should Disable Lower Legacy Data Rates 03.19.17
LVM volume group rename Ever performed a linux install, only to realize you picked the wrong lvm volume group name? The commands on this website allows you to change it without using single user mode. 09.02.16
Crontab GURU Converts crontab entries into human language. 12.16.15
Why Not Wye? Mono subwoofer output from stereo input. 11.29.15
Gibson Research Corporation Home of SpinRite, the hard drive recovery program. Check out the Security Now podcast. 11.26.15
Visual Basic Tutorial The latest set of Visual Basic Tutorials on the web designed for the absolute beginner learning how to program. 11.19.13
Postfix and SASL (Debian) How to setup SASL in Debian using Postfix. 07.26.08
CKeditor The text editor for the internet, a fully featured WYSIWYG editor. 11.06.06
JS / PHP Image Resizer JavaScript and PHP method to allow a user to resize graphics on the fly. 05.15.06
PHP Security Blunders Pretty much all you need to know in order to secure your PHP code. 01.12.06
Whatever:hover Now internet explorer can have form hovering events just like FireFox! 01.11.06
EICAR Test Virus Have you ever setup email virus scanning, or want to test a stand alone virus scanner? Use this test virus to make sure your system is detecting them! 01.11.06

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